The Silent, Ignored Global Epidemic – Part II of a Three Part Article

The Real Threat that Computer Related Health Conditions Pose to Our Global Economy and Civilization

Continued from Part I… I have been writing about computer related health conditions being the silent, ignored global epidemic. Please read on from where we left off in Part I

When we add the effect of alcohol consumption and smoking as many do when on the computer, and afterward throughout the day, it makes sense that we are ignorant of the fact that our body is telling us its stress management system is running into trouble from computer use. Even when we hear the call we are unable to discern what is missing and what to do to fix it.

The medical profession has little knowledge about this issue and it cannot be blamed because this is not an issue taught in medical school and it does not led itself to resolution by known and familiar medical practice measures. Hence anyone thinking they can litigate to make money is out of luck.

The technology industry has never given a safe limit for computer use and in fact such a warranty is impossible to give. This is unnatural exposure to toxins. No litigation possible anywhere sorry.

The symptoms I have described above are in fact not the same as the regular meanings of these symptoms but the body like any other computer is coded with a finite number of ways to express and manifest discomfort and so will express any inadequacy with the symptom in its database that is closest to what is going on in the body.

Consequently, computer related health conditions are routinely misdiagnosed for other issues. A good example is a symptom that resembles Carpel tunnel syndrome but which does not lend itself to resolution by applying regular carpel tunnel syndrome treatment. It in fact could be pain from the eye nerve. The way the nerve network is interconnected is more complex than any known computer.

Consider this – from my experience as an IT Professional I have seen similar situations in ERP systems such as Oracle Financials, which are complex enough that when something goes wrong in one module it may be the result of something else that started in another module and that has nothing to do with where the problem is being reported which is why system logs are a great troubleshooting tool.

For example, a problem with fixed assets may be a result of something in accounts payable that has nothing to do with asset purchase but which triggered a residual malfunction in the fixed assets processing system.

A similar situation happens with the nerves. One of my doctors put it this way “when the electrical current comes in through the eyes it goes into the nerve network from where it can be transported to any part of the body along the nerve pathway”. Hence it can go via the neck, shoulders and arms to the wrist and the fingers. Pain may or may not be felt along the pathway and the residual may be felt in the fingers and wrist.

This is not carpel tunnel or tennis elbow or tendonitis (if pain is felt in the ankles and or soles of the feet). It may be an infection of the eye nerve from exposure to toxic chemicals and light rays from the computer monitor.

We should all note that artificial electromagnetic fields are a function of the artificial nature of the light radiated off the computer screen. Because it is unnatural, it does not have all the light fields of the sun and it is lifeless. Our brains do not recognize it as light.

A University of Iowa article on computer Vision Syndrome,(see “Causes”) eyesandvision/computervisionsyndrome.html says we blink 66% less on the computer. I discovered that the blink function is not activated as it would when we are in the presence of sunlight. I n addition, I found out from experience that it does not stimulate the production of various biochemicals at an increased quantity to meet the effect of the stress of the light. Consequently,

I found that we feel relaxed in sunlight but anxious and uptight in the presence of computer light. I do believe that It is not just vitamin D, it is the life and other minerals, chemicals and bioshemicals (they are invisible and no one knows all there are, they could be millions or billons for all we know and there is no way to find out) that are coded into us through the sun that are missing making the artificial light’s code unrecognizable to the brain.

The only light our brains are coded with is that of the sun, moon and stars any other light from sources that are not naturally luminous do not and cannot have life.

To be continued in Part III……….

In Part III. I will provide information on how I came about all this knowledge and more about my own personal experience.

Please read all three parts to get the full picture I am trying to paint.

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I also have several websites and blogs dedicated to this topic including the one you are at right now and several others that have a lot of information, all aimed at educating us all.

Again, remember that it is possible to deal with this issue and minimize it. You can be a long-term computer user without self-destroying but you must first acknowledge the need for the various preventive and management measures and actually put them in place and practice them.

Tell me about your computer related health issue experience. Ask questions and I will try and help as much as I can. One thing though you must not self diagnose just look for a doctor who is ready to work with you.

University of Iowa article on computer Vision Syndrome,(see “Causes”) eyesandvision/computervisionsyndrome.html

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